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From Antarctica to Arctic Norway and Alaska to Tanzania, National Geographic Expeditions offers in-depth exploration of travel destinations around the world. Whether you seek to journey across northern Spain aboard a classic train, explore the national parks of North America, photograph Machu Picchu at sunrise, or circle the world by private jet, you'll find an array of opportunities that fit your passions and interests. Click on a region you'd like to explore.

Follow in the footsteps of our explorers as you discover the stunning landscapes, cultures, and wildlife of Africa with National Geographic’s experts. Join wildlife biologists on safari in southern Africa, encounter endangered mountain gorillas in the hills of Rwanda, or meet Maasai villagers in Tanzania. From Mount Kilimanjaro to Morocco, our trips will immerse you in Africa’s wonders.

From the floating villages of the Mekong River to the majestic palaces of India, discover the dazzling diversity of Asia. Whether you’re strolling along China’s Great Wall, photographing the temples of Bhutan, or riding a horse across the Mongolian steppe, witness the interplay of modernity and tradition amid some of the world’s most iconic landscapes.

Set out to explore fabled lands where glaciers meet rain forests, coral reefs dazzle, unique wildlife abounds, and indigenous cultures exist much as they have for centuries. From the majestic fjords of New Zealand to the extraordinary marine wonders of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, delve into each destination and unlock its natural and cultural treasures.

In Central America, cloud forests, wetlands, and jungles all teem with wildlife, and the legacy of the Maya holds strong. Against an idyllic tropical backdrop, the lively cultures of the Caribbean celebrate color, rhythm, and a unique heritage. Venture deep into the rain forests of Costa Rica to discover an astonishing array of species, kayak amid the atolls of Belize’s barrier reef, or delve into the culture of Cuba through meaningful interactions with its people.

Experience Europe’s rich fabric of history and culture, and discover legendary places by land, by sea, or by train. Traveling with National Geographic’s experts or guides, enjoy special access and fresh perspectives as you sail amid ancient islands and historic waterways, hike through age-old olive groves or Alpine meadows, or journey by train to medieval towns steeped in history.

Delve into the layers of history, civilization, and faith that make the Middle East such a fascinating part of the world. Gain unique insights into the archaeological treasures and sacred sites of Israel and the West Bank, enjoying an insider's view of the cultures and conflicts that have shaped these lands. Go behind the scenes at Society-supported excavation sites in Oman and the United Arab Emirates, explore the lost city of Petra on a private jet expedition, and more.

From the red rock spires of the Southwest to the calving glaciers of Alaska, North America harbors a stunning array of natural treasures. Traveling with our experts, gain insights into the history, geology, and wildlife of destinations including the Pacific Northwest, Alaska’s Inside Passage, Baja California, and our national parks. Or join one of our photography workshops, set in picturesque places across the U.S.

Rippling with peaks from Patagonia to Peru and home to the largest rain forest in the world, South America brims with fascinating cultures and wildlife. Our trips are designed to immerse you in the uniqueness of each destination, whether you're snorkeling with sea lions in the Galápagos, exploring Machu Picchu with an archaeologist, or hiking the trails of Patagonia.

Journey to the ends of the Earth with an expert team aboard the National Geographic Explorer, or the National Geographic Orion, and discover the rich wildlife that thrives in a landscape defined by ice. Our polar expeditions epitomize the spirit of exploration, whether you're searching for polar bears amid Svalbard's icescapes, kayaking Greenland's breathtaking fjords, or exploring the raw and untouched wilderness of Antarctica.

Circle the globe with top National Geographic experts on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Traveling in the comfort of a private jet, explore legendary places from Angkor Wat and Easter Island to the Great Barrier Reef and the Taj Mahal. Encounter celebrated archaeological treasures, diverse wildlife, natural wonders, and intriguing cultures—all in a single, extraordinary journey.