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Embark on a unique land-and-sea expedition to discover the marine wonders of Belize and the Maya ruins of Guatemala. Snorkel amid hundreds of species of fish and corals on the Belize Barrier Reef with the new National Geographic Quest as your base for exploration. Explore the shores of white-sand islands by kayak and stand-up paddleboard, and swim in turquoise lagoons teeming with marine life. Then venture to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tikal and other intriguing Maya ruins to encounter thousands of ancient temples and shrines scattered beneath the rain forest canopy.

Trip Highlights

  • Set out from the new National Geographic Quest to kayak amid palm- fringed islands, and step ashore to view a colony of rare red-footed boobies.
  • Spot rainbow-colored fish, turtles, and rays while snorkeling or diving the coral reefs of the Belize Barrier Reef.
  • Venture into the jungles of Guatemala with local experts to discover Tikal's spectacular temples and pyramids.
  • Explore the expansive Maya ruins of Yaxhá and the secluded site of Topoxte, located on a tiny island in a lake.

Itinerary - 9 Days

Day 1 — Belize City, Belize

Arrive in Belize City and embark the National Geographic Quest. Set sail this afternoon.

Day 2 — Laughing Bird Caye National Park or Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve

Second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in terms of biodiversity, Belize’s barrier reef is home to a dazzling undersea world. Begin our exploration at the southern edge of the reef, anchoring along the shores of Laughing Bird Caye National Park or Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve. Take to the warm waters by snorkel, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard. For certified scuba divers, incredible dive opportunities abound.

Day 3 — Quiriguá and Río Dulce, Guatemala

Explore the ancient Maya city of Quiriguá and view its elaborate stonework, sculpted to glorify Maya kings. Have lunch on the shores of Lake Izabal—Guatemala’s largest lake—then take a local boat through the limestone canyon of Río Dulce, where monkeys, herons, and toucans can be spotted.

Day 4 — Glover Reef, Belize/South Water Caye Marine Reserve

Enjoy world-class snorkeling and diving opportunities at the protected marine reserves of Glover Reef and South Water Caye, on the lookout for colorful fish, spotted eagle rays, and sea turtles. Then explore the palm-fringed shorelines and reef crests by kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Conditions permitting, we may stop at a remote field station to learn about coral reef research.

Day 5 — Lighthouse Reef and Half Moon Caye Natural Monument

Sail north to Lighthouse Reef and go snorkeling, diving, or kayaking inside its fringing reef. The shallow lagoon is dotted with hundreds of coral patches that harbor parrotfish, butterflyfish, octopus, and other marine species. Visit Half Moon Caye, a pristine nature reserve of littoral forest and ivory beaches, and go for a walk to view a nesting population of red-footed boobies.

Day 6 — Belize City/Flores, Guatemala/Tikal

Disembark and fly to Flores, Guatemala. Upon arrival, transfer to Tikal, one of the largest cities in the Classic Maya world. Spend the afternoon exploring this extraordinary site, where ancient pyramids tower more than 200 feet and thousands of temples, shrines, and plazas are scattered beneath the rain forest canopy.
Camino Real Tikal Hotel (B,L,D)

Day 7 — Tikal

Delve deeper into the mysteries of the Maya with local experts. Explore Tikal’s architectural treasures, including the Temple of the Great Jaguar and the North and South Acropolis. Encounter ancient Maya art and hieroglyphs, and examine carved stone inscriptions that illuminate the history and spiritual significance of Tikal.
Camino Real Tikal Hotel (B,L,D)

Day 8 — Yaxhá and Topoxte

Explore Yaxhá, a former Maya ceremonial center, which is situated on a ridge overlooking Yaxhá Lake. If you wish, climb a temple for panoramic view. Next, take a local boat to visit the secluded site of Topoxte, located on an island in the lake. Explore the ruins of this fortified Maya city, listening for the calls of birds and monkeys in the surrounding jungle.
Camino Real Tikal Hotel

Day 9 — Flores/Guatemala City

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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National Geographic Expert

Jeff Mauritzen

Jeff MauritzenNational Geographic photographer and naturalist Jeff Mauritzen traveled to Africa, South America, and the Pacific on assignment photographing wildlife for the Society's Animal Encyclopedia. Jeff is also a seasoned and popular photography expert, guiding and lecturing on natural history-focused trips for National Geographic Expeditions. His adventures have immersed him in vivid landscapes on all seven continents and in more than 60 countries around the world. Whether capturing 360-degree panoramas of wildlife along an African savanna or photographing sharks in the Pacific depths, Jeff’s work expresses an unwavering passion, respect, curiosity, and awe for the natural world. An avid traveler and explorer, Jeff has lived in Venezuela and Ireland, as well as at sea aboard seven different ships. His photography is represented by National Geographic Creative and has appeared in more than a dozen National Geographic books and numerous other publications, as well as on the Society's website.

Jeff will join the following departure:

Feb 23 - Mar 03, 2018


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Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single cabin, add $2,750 to Category 1 and $2,950 to Category 2 in 2018. For a single cabin in 2019, add $2,880 in Category 1 and $3,090 in Category 2

International airfare to and from Belize City is not included in the expedition cost.

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