South America: Buenos Aires, Rio, and Brazil's Wild Coast

  • 18 days exploring the vibrant South American coast aboard the National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Experts


A National Geographic expert will accompany each departure to share insights and a rare behind-the-scenes perspective. Listed below are some of the experts and the departure date(s) they will be joining.

T.H. Culhane

National Geographic Emerging Explorer T.H. Culhane has pioneered the development and deployment of renewable low-cost home and community energy production tools. He empowers local communities in impoverished areas to "do-it-themselves" following the adage "teach a man to fish and you will have fed him for a lifetime." T.H. is currently overseeing the installation of biogas digesters, which transform household organic waste into methane, at four sites in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—an elementary school being built by Architecture for Humanity and three favelas in distinctly different slum environments (coastal lagoon, montane forest, and dense urban). They will use kitchen waste and toilet waste to provide power for buildings and fertilizer for urban gardening. This new decentralized approach to urban sanitation in poor communities will be highlighted at both the Summer Olympics and the World Cup in 2014.

Departure Dates
  • Oct 10 - 27, 2014

Kike Calvo
Author, Photographer

Award-winning photographer, journalist, and author Kike Calvo has traveled in more than 85 countries, and transformed his fascination with Latin America into a career focus. He is a guest lecturer for the Leica Akademie and a freelancer for the New York Times. His cultural and environmental documentary photography has also been published in National Geographic, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, as well as other publications. His book Habitats, with forewords by famed National Geographic marine photographer David Doubilet and Jean-Michel Cousteau and launched at the Reina Sofia Museum, showcases ecosystems from around the world.

Departure Dates
  • Oct 10 - 27, 2014