Adventure Team


A diverse team of experts and guides accompany this expedition to share their knowledge and insights with you and bring each destination to life. Listed below are some of the experts and the departure date(s) they will be joining.

Carroll Dunham

Medical anthropologist Carroll Dunham has resided in the Himalaya for the past 25 years and currently lives in Nepal. She and her family have spent the last ten summers living with nomads in central Mongolia. Carroll is the founder of Wild Earth, which works with rural Asian women to create community income opportunities through the development of indigenous healing therapies and herbal handcrafted bodycare products. Carroll was the local producer for National Geographic's "People of the Windhorse," a documentary exploring the relationship between nomads and horses. She has explored the revitilization of Buddhist and shamanic practices in Mongolia. Passionate about sacred geography, pilgrimage, conservation, and the sustainability of indigenous medicinal plants, she has authored four books and produced films for National Geographic, PBS, and the BBC.

Departure Dates
  • Jun 14 - 27, 2018
  • Jul 01 - 14, 2018

Thomas Kelly

Photographer Thomas Kelly first came to the Himalaya in 1978 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. He now documents disappearing cultures all around the world. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he has worked with UNICEF and Save the Children to promote social programs for families. His work has appeared in articles, books, and films for National Geographic, as well as the New York Times, Time, and Natural History. His books include Himalayan Mysteries and Buddhism on the Path to Nirvana.

Departure Dates
  • Jul 20 - Aug 02, 2018
  • Aug 09 - 22, 2018