National Geographic Experts


A National Geographic expert will accompany each departure to share insights and a rare behind-the-scenes perspective. Listed below are some of the experts and the departure date(s) they will be joining.

Robert Hernandez
Editor, Naturalist, Wildlife Ecologist

Wildlife ecologist Rob Hernandez has long been fascinated by Patagonia’s rich natural and human history, and has returned many times to explore its exuberant wildlife and dramatic landscapes. A 28-year veteran of the National Geographic Society, Rob first served as senior editor of National Geographic magazine, later becoming Senior Vice President and head of the Society’s International Publishing Division. He spent his early career doing field research and documenting the world’s more remote places through film. He has led expeditions to most continents, spent two years circumnavigating the Pacific and Indian Oceans in a small sailboat, and looks forward to retracing the steps of Drake, Magellan, and Darwin in Patagonia.

Departure Dates
  • Dec 28, 2014 - Jan 09, 2015

Eduardo Shaw

Eduardo Shaw grew up on the pampas of Argentina and has lived with his family in northwestern Patagonia for more than 20 years. A former teacher and now a naturalist and lecturer, he is deeply involved in local foundations and community projects that promote sustainable development. Eduardo has led National Geographic Expeditions to Antarctica as well as numerous trips to Patagonia. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and passion for the region.

Departure Dates
  • Jan 11 - 23, 2015

David Silverberg
Geographer, Conservationist, Geologist

Geographer, conservationist, and explorer David Scott Silverberg has been working on South America's "Southern Cone" for many years, and has explored the Torres del Paine by backpack and horseback. He researches and teaches on the geologic development, biological evolution, conservation challenges, and economic environment of Argentina and Chile. A National Geographic grantee and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, David has worked on community-based protected area projects on six continents. He also served as executive director for research at Earthwatch Institute and helped launch AmeriCorps' environmental programs.

Departure Dates
  • Feb 08 - 20, 2015
  • Feb 22 - Mar 06, 2015

Constanza Ceruti
Adventurer, Archaeologist

A National Geographic Emerging Explorer, high-altitude archaeologist Constanza Ceruti specializes in excavating Inca Empire ceremonial centers on the summits of sacred Andean mountains. Constanza's most impressive find to date took place on a 22,100-foot summit, where the expedition she co-led unearthed the three best-preserved mummies ever discovered. "When we found the mummies, I remember a profound silence falling over the group. It is so humbling to look into the eyes of another human being from half a millennium ago." A professor at Catholic University in Salta, Argentina, Constanza looks forward to sharing the wonders of Patagonia with National Geographic travelers.

Departure Dates
  • Mar 08 - 20, 2015