Peru: Land of the Inca

  • Trip Type: Land
  • 8 Days | Round-trip Lima
  • Group Size: Max 24

National Geographic Experts


A National Geographic expert will accompany each departure to share insights and a rare behind-the-scenes perspective. Listed below are some of the experts and the departure date(s) they will be joining.

Ernesto Ore

Born and raised in a small Peruvian village, Ernesto Ore is well-versed in the rich history, traditions, and modern-day customs of his people. He is currently president of the Fundación Apu Kuntur, a non-profit dedicated to saving the endangered Andean condor, and has served as an apprentice to a high priest and healer from the Andes. Ernesto has been introducing travelers to his native culture for more than a dozen years years, lecturing on topics ranging from local wildlife and Inca ruins to traditional Peruvian perspectives on astronomy.

Departure Dates
  • Mar 10 - 17, 2018
  • Apr 15 - 22, 2018
  • May 13 - 20, 2018
  • Jun 16 - 23, 2018
  • Jul 22 - 29, 2018
  • Sep 16 - 23, 2018
  • Nov 10 - 17, 2018
  • Dec 22 - 29, 2018

Ralph Lee Hopkins

Ralph Lee Hopkins is a popular photo instructor and geologist who also serves as an expedition leader aboard the National Geographic fleet. He served as a photographer on the historic Arctic Expedition for Climate Action in July 2008 and has traveled beyond both the Arctic and the Antarctic Circles many times during the past two decades. His wildlife images have appeared in National Geographic's books, magazines, and online galleries, and are represented in the National Geographic Image Collection.

Departure Dates
  • May 19 - 26, 2018