Tibet and Nepal: Expedition to the Highest Himalaya

  • Trip Type: Land
  • 15 Days | Beijing/Lhasa to Kathmandu
  • Group Size: Max 30

A Perspective on Tibet & Nepal from Peter Hillary


"Our journey across Tibet to the foot of Everest is a wonderful adventure—one that takes us across the roof of the world to the foot of Earth's greatest mountain. For members of the Ed Hillary family, it is a bit like going home to stand in the shadow of Everest and to contemplate the ascent that my father and Tenzing made in 1953 when they became the first to reach the summit. And while the earthquake of April 2015 has left the Friendship Highway to Nepal closed, the country has remained a remarkable place to visit. I have been back twice since the quake. Most of the famous Kathmandu temples and sites are still incredible to see and all of the basic infrastructure is in good working order—roads, airport, hotels, restaurants, and bazaars. In fact, what the Nepalese really need is for us to visit them and to help with their contracted tourism industry—they are waiting to welcome us! I invite you to join us for our next expedition to Tibet and Nepal!"

- Peter Hillary, author and adventurer