Alaska by Small Ship

An interview with Wildlife Ecologist and Naturalist Casey Anderson by Ford Cochran

What's most wondrous to you about visiting Glacier Bay and the rest of Alaska's Inside Passage by ship?

When it comes to having the FULL Alaska experience, this is the only way to go. You get to feel the full grandeur of the glaciers, the mountains, and the sea all in one itinerary and you get to come face-to-face with the diverse wildlife that call it home.

When you talk to travelers about Alaska, what are a few of the key things or themes you share?

Alaska is still a frontier. When you travel to Alaska, you step back in time, its apparent untamed spirit and its vastness are humbling. Alaska is a place where you really feel how small you are in this BIG world.

What sorts of things have you seen while aboard the ship?

Alaska certainly is where the sky, mountains, and sea all come together in a perfect way and in a big way. To be in a Zodiac among stellar sea lions feeding on fish and to look to the sky at eagles swarming for the scraps and then to peer to the shore to see a brown bear waiting his turn…. It is truly amazing… and then you realize that YOU are part of it all, right there in the middle!

What would you tell someone who was considering coming to Alaska on this trip, but needed some convincing?

If you are considering a trip to Alaska, and you want to experience Alaska to the fullest… this is the only trip!

What was your favorite wildlife encounter during the voyage?

There were so many to choose from… grizzly bears interacting with wolves, a gathering of over 40 orcas, bubble-net feeding humpbacks, the list goes on and on. But I really was moved by the Dall’s porpoises. They seemed so playful and excited to experience us, coming from so far away as fast as they could swim to bow surf the ship’s wake and to look up at all of us looking at them. It was an awesome moment of sharing.

Casey Anderson