Don Belt

Specialties: Editor, Foreign Correspondent

Don Belt has traveled to some 80 countries over the past three decades, working as a writer and editor for National Geographic. As foreign editor of the magazine from 1998 to 2010, Don helped to guide the Society's coverage of topics ranging from weapons of mass destruction and terrorism to the geopolitics of Water and the legacy of colonialism in the Middle East. Don has authored major National Geographic articles on Lawrence of Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Arab Christians, Russia's Lake Baikal, Israel's Galilee, Petra, Sweden, Baja California, the Jordan River, the World of Islam, and Cold War science in the Russian Arctic. Since retiring in 2011, Don has continued to write for the magazine while teaching Journalism at the University of Richmond. He also serves as University Outreach director for the Out of Eden Walk, presenting workshops for educators on this National Geographic-supported global journalism project.

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