Doug Chadwick

Specialties: Author, Naturalist, Wildlife Ecologist

With a master's degree in wildlife biology, Doug Chadwick studied mountain goats among the peaks of the Rockies for seven years. He also carried out surveys of grizzly bears and of the harlequin ducks that breed along the Rockies' fast-moving rivers and streams. In his other role, as a journalist, Doug has reported on wildlife around the world, from right whales in the subantarctic to snow leopards in the Himalayas, producing close to 50 articles for National Geographic magazine. Over the past nine years, much of his free time has been spent as a volunteer helping carry out groundbreaking wolverine research in Glacier National Park, Montana. Doug often explores Canada's mountain parklands and shares information with biologists and adventurers here. In addition to hundreds of magazine articles, he has written eleven books about wildlife and conservation, including several focused on the Rocky Mountains. One is Yellowstone to Yukon, prominently featuring the Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks region. The most recent is The Wolverine Way.

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