Harold Dibble

Specialties: Archaeologist, Anthropologist

University of Pennsylvania professor and National Geographic grantee Harold Dibble currently directs excavations at the cave of La Ferrrassie in Dordogne, France, and at the Grotte des Contrebandiers (Smugglers' Cave) in Morocco. A recent National Geographic Channel Naked Science episode, "World's Oldest Child," focused on his and his team's discovery of a roughly 108,000-year-old human fossil at the latter site. Harold pioneered the use of GIS and other spatial technology tools for the study of ancient humans and hominids, and he has co-authored more than a dozen books. He has conducted field research at the French Paleolithic sites of Combe-Capelle bas, Cagny-l’Epinette, Fontéchevade, Pech de l’Azé IV, and Roc de Marsal, and he was co-director of the Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites in the desert surrounding Abydos, Egypt. He is Curator-in-Charge of the European Archaeology Section and was formerly Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs at the Penn Museum.

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