John Francis

Specialties: Educator, Author, Conservationist

National Geographic Fellow John Francis was in his twenties when a 1971 oil spill in San Francisco Bay jarred his comfortable life. Even as he joined the volunteers who scrubbed the beaches and fought to save birds and sea creatures poisoned by petroleum, he felt the need to make a deeper, more personal commitment. As an affirmation of his responsibility to our planet, he chose to stop using motorized vehicles and began walking wherever he went. His decision was greeted with surprise, disbelief, and even mockery—but it was only the start of a much deeper transformation. A few months later he took a vow of silence that would last 17 years. In 2008, National Geographic published Francis’s stirring memoir Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking, 17 Years of Silence. It is the story of a man who rediscovered rhythms in nature that most of us have forgotten and learned to communicate his understanding and empathy without speaking a word. He walked across the Pacific Northwest, crossed the Sierra and Rocky Mountains, and traversed America from coast to coast. Along the way—and without a word—he earned undergraduate and master’s degrees in science and environmental studies and a Ph.D. in land resources. He then voyaged across the Caribbean to South America and spent years walking its length to the southernmost tip of Patagonia. In an effort to share his insights with others, Francis founded “Planetwalk,” a non-profit educational organization dedicated to raising environmental consciousness and promoting Earth stewardship. In 2010, Francis became the first National Geographic Education Fellow.

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