Karine Aigner

Specialties: Photographer, Editor

Award-winning photographer Karine Aigner served as the senior photo editor for National Geographic KIDS magazines and books for nearly a decade. Raised in Saudi Arabia, her love for culture, adventure, and travel were ingrained early in her upbringing. As a photographer, Karine knows what it takes to make a good picture, and as an editor, she can identify and coach others on what it takes to create strong, engaging images with a sense of place and moment. She is an affiliate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and a member of the North American Nature Photography Association. Karine is a seasoned photography workshop leader, having lead groups to Botswana, Zimbabwe, and the Galapagos islands. Her photography is represented by Tandem Stills + Motion and National Geographic Creative, and her images have been featured in BBC Wildlife, Africa Geographic, National Geographic magazine and National Geographic KIDS, Nature Conservancy Magazine, GEOlino, National Geographic Television, Ranger Rick. and elsewhere.

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