Karin Muller

Specialties: Adventurer, Filmmaker

Author, filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer Karin Muller set out twelve years ago to travel and document the world's great historic highways. Her 4,000-mile trek from Quito to Santiago resulted in an acclaimed international television documentary, Along the Inca Road, on National Geographic Explorer and the National Geographic Channel, and a book published by Adventure Press. She has also participated in several expeditions to trace her family heritage in Tanzania, the home of her German grandmother. Following in the adventurous footsteps of her grandmother, Karin has hitchhiked through Vietnam, lived with geisha and pre-Buddhist mountain ascetics in Japan, and sailed to Zanzibar on a native dhow. Since first receiving a National Geographic Grant in 1998, Karin has published books, produced documentaries, written articles, taken photos and presented lectures for National Geographic.

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