Kim Heacox

Specialties: Author, Photographer

Award-winning writer, photographer, and conservationist Kim Heacox has lived in Alaska for 25 years. He has written four books for National Geographic, most recently An American Idea: The Making of the National Parks. Kim is also the author of Alaska Light and the memoir The Only Kayak: A Journey Into the Heart of Alaska. His photography has appeared in National Geographic magazine. Kim has made numerous journeys to Arctic Svalbard and Antarctica, and spends much of his time writing about and photographing life in Earth's polar regions.

Field Notes from Previous Expeditions

A Day in Alaska...Tracy Arm Fjord

By Kim Heacox
April 2004

It began with the Ice Age—or so it seemed—as we motored deep into Tracy Arm, a 25-mile-long rock-ribbed vault festooned with waterfalls, tidewater glaciers, and diamond blue icebergs. Sunshine s ... Read More

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