Marc Baker

Specialties: Biologist, Birder, Naturalist

As a conservation biologist, Marc Baker has a broad understanding of Africa’s environments, wildlife, people, and history. He has spent much of his life in Libya and Tanzania thanks to his father’s passion for birds and wildlife conservation. As chief ornithologist for a United Nations conservation project, Marc worked throughout East Africa, and over the last 16 years has participated in a variety of field projects on the continent, from aerial surveys over the vast wetlands of western Tanzania to a study of the ecology of forest birds in Zanzibar’s Jozani forest. Marc is now at the forefront of developing policies and projects for habitat conservation through payments for ecosystem services, and he continues to pioneer mechanisms for bringing market values to community conservation. He is a regular contributor to the Tanzanian Bird Atlas and the Carnivore Monitoring database. From primates and big cats to plants and birds, Marc is a popular guide and National Geographic expert. He is well-prepared to introduce travelers to the variety of ecosystems and human cultures that wildlife travelers will encounter on National Geographic Expeditions, and combines his love for wildlife and adventure with a trained scientific eye and a passion for sharing his knowledge.

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