Tim Weed

Specialties: Author, Educator

Tim Weed is an award-winning author and educator with more than two decades of experience developing and leading educational travel programs abroad. A founding director of National Geographic Student Expeditions, Tim has traveled widely in Central and South America, and has undertaken hiking and trekking adventures at various latitudes of the Andes range. He has directed numerous educational programs in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Argentina, and developed a series of archaeology and adventure expeditions in Peru, Ecuador, and Patagonia for National Geographic Student Expeditions and Putney Student Travel. After majoring in Spanish at Middlebury College, Tim earned master's degrees in international affairs and creative writing, and lived internationally for several years directing college semester abroad programs in Spain, Australia, and Venezuela. An avid outdoorsman, fly fisherman, and backcountry skier, Tim's essays and feature articles on travel and the outdoors have appeared in many national magazines, including Backcountry, Cross Country Skier, The Morning News, and Yale Angler's Journal. His short fiction collection, The Camp at Cutthroat Lake, was a finalist for the Lewis-Clark Press Discovery Award, and his essay “Embargoed Brothers: An American in Off-Limits Cuba” won a 2012 Best Travel Writing Award from Traveler’s Tales.

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