Experience Adventure from a New Perspective

When you set off into the world on a National Geographic Active Expedition, you experience "adventure" in every sense of the word. You trek across mountain ranges to archaeological wonders; kayak and snorkel at coral reefs teeming with marine life; cross an entire country on foot; or traverse legendary landscapes by camel or on horseback.

Your adventure is a cultural one, too—whether you're living among some of the world's last hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, visiting with Andean farmers, or kayaking to floating villages on Vietnam's Halong Bay. It's also a personal adventure: a physical challenge that you can tailor according to your interests and abilities. Our trips are well paced, and our innovative itineraries are filled with opportunities for you to push your limits, choose the harder trail, or go on that extra hike. And whenever you feel the need, you can opt for a shorter hike or stay behind and relax at the hotel.


A key part of experiencing a place intimately is getting away from the crowds. We limit our group size to 16 so that we can move with agility, assimilate easily into local communities, and enjoy every place we visit in depth. Our small numbers allow us to take advantage of many unexpected invitations and opportunities that arise on our active expeditions. And we can stay in cozy inns, deluxe tented camps, and mountain lodges that reflect the local character and don't have room for larger groups.

Your traveling partners are a huge part of the fun. They are like-minded people with diverse experiences who are game for a good adventure, passionate about the outdoors, and thrilled to be exploring new territory.


One of the beauties of traveling with National Geographic is the access you enjoy to special events, fascinating people, and private homes. Whether you're discussing the Inca with an archaeologist in Peru or cheering alongside Mongolian nomads at a local Naadam festival, you'll benefit from our vast network of resources and engage deeply with the places you explore. And, whenever possible, we arrange visits with experts in the field so that you can meet the people whose discoveries you've read about in the pages of our magazines.


When crafting our active expeditions, we tap into the knowledge and insights of National Geographic's experts to bring depth and meaning to your travel experience. And once you're on the road, you'll explore in the company of some of the best guides in the business. Our guides are active outdoor enthusiasts with in-depth knowledge of the places you'll explore.

Along with our trip guides, you'll also be joined by local guides, from Sherpas in Nepal to Sami herdsmen in Sweden, who share invaluable insights into their culture and their land. Since our guides often have close ties to the local community, you are readily welcomed into the lives of the local folk—invited for an impromptu meal or asked to join in a village festival.


We've partnered with Mountain Travel Sobek, a highly esteemed travel company that has pioneered adventure travel to some of the world's most remote places for more than 40 years. Perhaps it is fitting that Barry Bishop, who summited Everest on behalf of National Geographic in 1963 and had an illustrious career at the Society over some 30 years, was also one of the founders of Mountain Travel Sobek (then just Mountain Travel) back in 1969.


National Geographic Active Expeditions is committed to sustaining the character of each place we visit—its environment, culture, heritage, and the wellbeing of its residents. Your participation in a National Geographic Active Expedition helps to support National Geographic's mission of increasing global understanding through exploration, geography education, and research.