The National Geographic Mission


Inspiring People to Care About the Planet

For the past 125 years, the National Geographic Society has supported research and exploration around the globe through a vast range of grants and mission programs. By traveling with National Geographic Expeditions, you help support our grantees and explorers, who work to preserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our planet and its inhabitants.

Proceeds from our expeditions have recently helped fund a number of National Geographic’s mission programs, including the Ocean Initiative, a series of innovative projects that seek to protect the last healthy, undisturbed places in the ocean; the Big Cats Initiative, which sponsors a broad spectrum of programs to halt the decline of large feline populations, from lions and leopards to snow leopards; and the Enduring Voices Project, which recently documented a language in India that had previously been unknown to linguists.

When you travel with us, not only will you enjoy enriching experiences in some of the planet’s most fascinating places, but you’ll also support National Geographic’s explorers, scientists, storytellers, and innovators, and help bring their discoveries to the world.

"Traveling with National Geographic affords us many opportunities to learn about and see things we would not have the ability to access on our own."

Theresa Morin, traveler
Southern Italy and the Amalfi Coast expedition