The National Geographic Mission


When You Travel with Us, You Make a Difference.

National Geographic is a global nonprofit membership organization driven by a passionate belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. Every year, we fund researchers and explorers around the globe who are working to preserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our planet and its inhabitants. By traveling with us, you support this nonprofit work in conservation, exploration, education, and cultural preservation.

Proceeds from our trips have helped fund initiatives such as the Pristine Seas Project, which seeks to identify and preserve the last untouched areas in the ocean; the Big Cats Initiative, a comprehensive program to protect endangered felines worldwide; and the Enduring Voices Project, which recently documented a language in India that had previously been unknown to linguists.

We also work with our travel partners to promote awareness about the world’s treasures and protect the places we explore together. These efforts include supporting whale researchers in Alaska and providing school supplies to students and teachers in the Galápagos. Through the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program, we have sent more than 75 exemplary educators on our small-ship voyages to destinations such as Antarctica, Arctic Norway, and Greenland, where they gained a wealth of knowledge to help advance geographic knowledge in their classrooms.

As you set off on one of our expeditions to the planet’s most fascinating places, remember that you’re contributing to the valuable work of National Geographic’s explorers, scientists, storytellers, and innovators, and helping to bring their discoveries to the world.

"Traveling with National Geographic affords us many opportunities to learn about and see things we would not have the ability to access on our own."

Theresa Morin, traveler
Southern Italy and the Amalfi Coast expedition