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Travel with a National Geographic expert or expert team to experience a place through the eyes of those who know it intimately. They bring you to the world's most intriguing places to share their passion and their insider perspectives.

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    2018-2019 National Geographic Expeditions

    Explore the world with National Geographic's experts on a variety of unique and engaging trips, from wildlife safaris and small ship voyages to photography workshops and family adventures.


    2018-2019 National Geographic Active Expeditions

    On our active expeditions, you'll trek through some of the world's most legendary mountain ranges; go kayaking amid icebergs; and veer far off the beaten path, discovering wild landscapes by foot, horseback, and even camel.


    2017-2018 National Geographic Journeys

    Our newest line of trips, offered in partnership with G Adventures, blends hands-on exploration, meaningful encounters with people and cultures, more free time and choices, and the structure and security of traveling in a small group—all at an incredible value.


    2018 National Geographic Student Expeditions

    We invite high school and middle school students to delve into incredible places and explore their interests—from photography and filmmaking to wildlife and conservation—alongside dynamic trip leaders and National Geographic experts.


    2018 National Geographic Private Expeditions

    Travel independently--with all the benefits of traveling with National Geographic--on a private trip geared for you and the traveling companions you choose. We do all the legwork. All you have to do is choose when and where you'd like to go, and whom you'd like by your side.


    2018-2019 National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions

    Our collection of expeditions by private jet reach across the globe from Machu Picchu to the Maldives and from Botswana to Bhutan, and accompanied by our top photographers, scientists, and explorers.